An educational technologist is an employee of an educational institution who has a modern understanding of learning and competence in digital technology. The task of the educational technologist is to coordinate activities in the field of digital learning, finding new innovative solutions, developing, advising and supporting the school staff and students in using the tools and opportunities of the digital age in the learning process.

A professional educational technologist operates following the digital competence models of learners and teachers developed under the leadership of HTM, relying in his work on knowledge of modern pedagogy and andragogy, and knows how to propose, develop and implement innovative solutions to increase the digital capacity of educational institutions.

Learners’ digital competence

Teachers’ digital competence

The main duties of an educational technologist are: 

  • Mapping the digital competences of educational institution employees, coordinating, organizing and conducting trainings;
  • Technical and pedagogical consulting for the creation of digital learning materials;
  • Collection and distribution of information on digital learning and organization and coordination of information, information days and seminars;
  • Compilation of methodological and digital learning-related instructional materials and their distribution in schools and networks;
  • Planning and implementation of digital learning strategy;
  • Management and development of digital learning environments;
  • Participation in Estonian and international educational technological cooperation networks;
  • Initiation, management and participation in digital learning and ICT projects.

The educational technologist sample job description can be found here: PDF docx