EHTL brings together educational technologists of different levels of education and those interested in educational technology. Any natural or legal person who is involved in educational technology activities and wants to develop this area in Estonia can become a member of the Union.


Any natural or legal person who is involved in educational technology activities and wants to develop this area in Estonia can become a member of the Union. Membership of the Union can be obtained on the basis of an application or at the proposal of the board.

A member of the union can be a full member, a supporting member or an honorary member


A full member actively participates in the Union’s activities.

The full member is entitled to:

  • elect and be elected to the board and working groups of the Union
  • participate with the right to vote and speak at the meeting of the Union’s general assembly
  • represent the Union in various working groups and events on the authority of the board
  • leave the Union of their own accord

A full member is obliged to:

  • follow the statutes and decisions of the Union
  • pay the entrance fee and the annual membership fee for a specified period and amount

To become a full member:

  • Fill out the application form (EHTL membership application for a natural person), digitally sign it and send it to
  • After learning of the decision to accept membership of the Union, within two weeks at the latest, transfer the entry and membership fee to the current account of the Union EE517700771002782370 at LHV Bank.
  • Natural person €10 + €20 / legal person €50 + €100 (Entry and membership fee rates).

The rights and obligations of a full member come into force after receipt of the membership fee and a confirmation letter from the representative of the Union.

The full membership fee is valid for 1 calendar year. In order to continue the rights of a full member, the member must pay the membership fee for the new calendar year (natural person €20, legal person €100) to the EHTL current account in order to extend the membership status in January of the new calendar year.


The supporting member participates in the Union’s activities as an observer and follows the Union’s statutes.

  • A supporting member does not have the right to vote when adopting decisions of the Union.
  • A supporting member has the right to express an opinion in the community, participate in events and be aware of the activities of the Union.

To become a supporting member:

  • Fill out the form
  • Confirmation of acceptance will be sent to the e-mail (within two weeks at the latest).

The role of supporting member is valid indefinitely or until the member submits a new application (admission to full membership, leaving the union).



Being named an honorary member is the Union’s highest recognition for a person who has outstanding merits in the development of the field of educational technology. Proposals for awarding honorary member status can be made by Union members and cooperation partners. The decision is made and approved by the board.


If you want to contribute to the development of educational technology in Estonian educational institutions