On October 9, members of the Estonian Association of Educational Technologists gathered in five different places: Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Haapsalu and Kuressaare. The time spent together and the birthday cakes united all the parties into a single whole, regardless of how great the distances between the parties were. The party mood was further enhanced by a small joint webcast, where all participants could share good wishes with each other. Of course, work-related topics were also not overlooked, where educational technologists introduced new apps to each other and shared experiences.

Although about 50 EHTL members from all over Estonia took part in the birthday party, the remaining 250 educational technologists who are members also join in the congratulations. In addition, our new friend artificial intelligence chat.openai.com, who smoothed this text to make it more festive.

A small photo collage of the joyful event: