On January 3, 2023, EHTL board members met in Keila, Harjumaa Museum, to look back on the past year and make new plans.

Major accomplishments last year:

Aug. 22 Summer School – Diana + organization team

Sept. 22 meeting online prof. With Sigrid Hartong – Liisi, Kristi

Sept. 22 meetings at UT with researchers from Halle and Graz – Liisi, Kristi, Daniil

Oct. 22 EHTL’s birthday – Diana

Oct. 22 meetings with the technology department at HTM – Diana, Kaia, Daniil

Nov. 22  educational technologist job description specification – the whole board

Dec. 22 Appreciation Awards – Airi, Diana

Dec. 22 meetings on the transition to HTM e-exams – Diana, Kaia

Dec. 22 Preparation of the E-Koolikott competition – Airi

Many of these activities will continue in 2023.

Daniil also showed us a little trick on how to take a selfie with a smartphone – raise your hand and the Android phone will understand that you need to take a picture.

Wishing awesome new everyday hacks to all of us!